My Mission:

Rick Tressler, LLC is engaged in the business of developing and delivering high quality comprehensive technical training and educational seminars and related technical services for stationary battery users and service companies.

About Rick Tressler

With more than thirty years in the stationary battery industry, Rick Tressler possesses the experience and knowledge necessary as well as on-the-job the skills needed to deliver these services to the target audience. Training curricula focus on a mix of classroom and hands-on experience relating to the maintenance, testing, installation and operation of stationary batteries employed in a variety of applications. Customers include, but not limited to those in the electric utility, telecommunications, data centers as well as the oil and gas industries.

Training & Services

  • Customized Training Programs

  • Battery Fundamentals Seminars

  • Stationary Battery Maintenance & Testing Workshops

  • IEEE Standards Seminars

  • On-Site Test Equipment Training

  • Installation Oversight & On-Site Installer Support Service

  • Battery System Commissioning Support

  • Battery Inspection Data Analysis Services

  • Webinars