Installation Oversight Service

What is Installation Oversight Service and how does it work?


Briefly, the service provides on-site training and familiarization of proper battery installation processes, procedures, and verification a battery system is properly installed in accordance with the battery manufacturer instructions prior to initial charging and acceptance testing.


Over the years, more than one battery system installation has been seriously compromised, failed an acceptance test, even ruined, because of inadequately trained installation personnel handed such a task job with little or no experience. This becomes the case when a battery installation is just one small part of a much larger project and installation crews are running thin on experience.


Rick Tressler, LLC Installation Oversight provides on-site oversight and support of installation personnel, working directly with them in the field, along with field supervisory staff as and where needed. The service begins with a pre-site visit with installer supervisors and other affected personnel. Details of the specific battery system make and model are discussed and any special conditions affecting installation that may exist.


Installation personnel are brought into the program with specific instruction and installation guidance relating to, but not limited to:


  • Basic battery safety

  • Pre-install inspection, post-delivery, of all cells/units for damage

  • Rack assembly and installation

  • Unloading cells/units from pallets and transport to the installation room

  • Loading battery racks

  • Cell/unit terminal pre-assembly preparation

  • Flame arrestor installation

  • Intercell connector pre-assembly preparation

  • Proper application of corrosion inhibitors

  • Connection hardware installation

  • Proper bolt torque

  • Verification of connection integrity

  • Initial internal ohmic value measurements

  • Specific gravity measurements

  • Open cell voltage measurements

  • Readings analysis; determination of battery readiness for initial charging

  • Battery cleaning, post-installation