Summary of Qualifications

Rick has more than thirty years experience working directly with battery systems and within in the stationary battery DC power systems industry. Additional experience includes over 20 years developing and delivering technical education and training products to a wide range of audiences. The audiences include engineers, specifiers, field technicians, and consulting firms. Rick has been recognized for consistently maintaining exemplary standards with his customers. He is highly organized, detail oriented and possesses excellent communication skills. He has extensive experience with specialized test equipment including Alber all Cellcorders, the BCT-2000 capacity tester, Anton Paar digital hydrometers, various DC load banks and other equipment in the electrical and standby power systems industry. Rick specializes in providing customers with training and educational services targeting installation, maintenance operation, and testing battery systems. Over his career he has published numerous Battcon papers, magazine articles. Please refer to the detailed information below for more information.

Rick's Professional Qualifications

Training and Development

  • Development and implementation of courses in technical education

  • Conduct training for clients on and off site

  • Provide support and training for sales groups

  • Train and support field service technicians

  • Present customer-level product training

Writing and Communications

  • Published and presented technical articles

  • Maintained product information and updates to customers

  • Produced and implemented customer engineer OJT training

  • Maintained on-line technical documentation library

Technical Skills 

  • Constructed telecom battery power systems training lab

  • Performed power systems inspection and problem diagnosis

  • Developed stationary battery service operations

Expertise: Publications and White Papers

Tressler, R. Verifying Connection Integrity on Large Stationary Batteries. Plant Engineering Magazine, May 1996


Tressler, R. Stationary Battery System Pre-Load Test Inspection Procedures and Their Importance in Standby Power Applications. Proceedings of the ninth International Power Quality Solutions/Alternative Energy Powersystems World Conference and Exhibit, Las Vegas, NV, September 1996


Tressler, R. Guidelines for Successful Installation of Large Lead-Acid Stationary Batteries. Proceedings of the second Battcon, Boca Raton, FL, April 1997


Tressler, R. Avoiding Common Installation Problems When Working with Stationary Batt ery Systems. Tutorial presentation given at Powersystems World 1997, Baltimore, MD 1997


Tressler, R. Methods for Maintaining and Tracking Connection Integrity on Large Battery Plants. Proceedings of the third Battcon, Boca Raton, FL, April 1998


Tressler, R. Interconnection Resistance Measurement and Data Analysis: Managing the Task. Proceedings of the fifth Battcon, Boca Raton, FL, April 2001


Tressler, R., and Schmitt, R. When Things Go Wrong in the Acceptance Test– A Case History. Published and presented at the seventh Battcon, Marco Island, FL, April 2003


Tressler, R. How to Guarantee a Reliable Battery System. Published and presented at World Energy Engineering Conference, Atlanta, GA, November 2003


Tressler, R. Fire in the hole 101! An entry-level guide to discharge testing lead-acid stationary batteries. Published and presented at the ninth Battcon, Miami Beach, FL, May 2005


Tressler, R. Preparation, Assembly and Integrity Verification of Interconnections for Large and Lead-Acid Stationary Batteries. Electrical Business Magazine, April 2006


Tressler, R. Commissioning and Acceptance Testing Lead-Acid Stationary Batteries. Electrical Business Magazine, May 2006


Tressler, R. Tips and Tricks for Battery Service Technicians. Published and presented at the thirteenth Battcon, Orlando, FL, April 2009


Tressler, R. The Inspection is Complete; What Are You Doing With the Data? Published and presented at the fourteenth Battcon, Hollywood, FL, May 2010


Tressler, R. Dealing with Common Battery Maintenance Problems. Published and presented at the fifteenth Battcon, Orlando, FL, May 2011


Tressler, R. Proper Commissioning Procedures for Lead-Acid Batteries. Published and presented at the eighteenth Battcon, Boca Raton, FL, May 2014


Tressler, R. Integrity of Battery Connections; Torque, Grease and Resistance. Published and presented at the nineteenth Battcon, Orlando, FL, May 2015


Tressler, R . Performance testing lead-acid stationary batteries: Myths, misunderstandings and mistakes. The twentieth Battcon, Boca Raton, FL, May 2016


Tressler, R. The stationary battery maintenance program: Who's responsible? The twenty-first Battcon, Orlando, FL, May 2017

Industry Experience 

​Senior Training Engineer -Emerson Network Power-Alber 2002 - 2016 Sunrise, FL


Sr. Technical Support Engineer and Trainer - Liebert Corporation/Liebert Global Services 1999 -2002 Columbus, OH


Training Administrator - PECO II, Inc. 1998 -1999 Galion, OH

Technical Support Engineer and Trainer - 

Liebert Corporation/Liebert Global Services 1991-1998 Columbus, OH

Field Battery Specialist - Liebert CS&S

1990 -1991 Exton, PA

Field Technician and District Manager - Battery Management Services division of GTEX Financial 1987-1990

Field Service Technician -Drewann Battery Systems; Agents for C & D Battery Baltimore, MD





  • Lifetime Achievement Award - Battcon Hall of Fame 2017

  • Battery Person of the Year, Battcon 2007

  • Liebert CS&S Service Excellence Award 1995


Professional Affiliations, Memberships, Leadership Roles

  • Past Chair, IEEE PES Stationary Battery Committee 2017-2018

  • Chair, IEEE PES Stationary Battery Committee 2015-2016

  • Vice-Chair, IEEE PES Stationary Battery Committee 2013-2014

  • Secretary, IEEE PES Stationary Battery Committee 2011-2012

  • Senior Member, IEEE

  • Member, IEEE Power and Energy Society

  • Member, IEEE Standards Association

  • Member, IEEE Stationary Battery Committee 1993 present

  • Member, Battcon Technical Committee 2005-Present

  • Member, Pro Energy Alliance



Education and Training

  • Alber - Factory Training– all products, Pompano Beach, Florida 2002

  • Astec - DC Plant Training, Raleigh, NC 1999

  • Telcordia Technologies - Central Office Grounding, Chicago, IL 1999

  • C & D Batteries–Factory Training–all products, Plymouth Meeting, PA 1985